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1000w grow light sets and more


Hello, I have two 1000w grow light combos available. Both include a Sun Systems Yield Master II-6" Premium air cooled reflector hood, 1000w ballast, and cords. Lights are not included.
One ballast is hard wired, features an on off switch, and is suitable only for hps bulbs. $250
The other is a switchable 1000w mh/hps ballast. $300
Additionally, I have 2 new wave ho t5 8 bulb fixtures, available for $150/ea (no bulbs). I also have several other 8 bulb ho t5 fixtures available. All work and will be tested in front of you prior to purchase. Finally, I have these wonderful self watering/stackable 4 bay planters for $5/ea or $50/15.
Buy one piece or all of them, I have no attachment to this lot and will gladly piece this set out. Also, I am willing to split up the Yield Master setups, inquire for price changes. All items are available for local pickup only in milwaukee.
Thanks, and be well.

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
1000w grow light sets and more
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