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2 400 watt hps.MH grow lights


1 brand new ipower 400 watt tube style grow light with brand new mh and super hps bulbs hanger ballast chords .
2nd ipower 400 watt tube style grow light with ballast chords/ super hps bulb used through one full 9 week flowering cycle .
I love using old school mh and hps but I couldn`t ventilate the heat in my 4 x4 well enough in the place I was living . Now moving into another situation where heat would be a factor for the neighbors so I am going to try some Led grow to keep the heat factor in check with out running fans and blowers. I am currently in Southfield the lights are at 24 and shannor if you would like to wait till the 1st of October then I`ll be at maple and telegraph if you are serious I can pick them up and bring them here so you can plug them in and see that they work please text with any questions I don`t have any pictures but you can google ipower 400 watt grow light cooling tube. to get the idea also they are in original boxes and packaging. thanx for looking happy hunting grounds PEACE....

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2 400 watt hps.MH grow lights
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