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2 Greenhouse/Grow Room Controller IPONIC


I have two BRANDNEW never used Iponic 614 grow room greenhouse controller. The controller is made by Link4 Corp a well know and respected greenhouse controller manufacturer. These controllers have never been used. They both are still covered under Link4`s three year warranty. Everything you need to know about this controller can be seen at the links I will post. The smrp is 1,299 dollars through Hydrofarm for the Iponic alone. I will include the Internet modual which is an added 100.00+ Value(600). Unfortunately I only have one internet modual so I am willing to sell the other Iponic withouit the internet modual for a little less (500), Or will let both go together for 1000 Cash. I am open to offers and maybe trades. Greenhouse, fourwheeler, etc. dont hurt to ask.
6 outputs with 8 outlets built into side of controller.
If you do not know check it out at
Also lots of information on the web about these controller along with a complete instructional video made by link 4.
Along with the 8 built in outlets for 6 outputs (two of the six outputs are dual outlets so (2) devices can be controlled by one output, there are +2 low voltage dry conrtact outputs can be wired as thermostate or wired into two seprete dual outlet at either 120 or 240 will help you accomplish this.
this will give you a total of 8 outputs that control 12 outlets to regulate and maintain temp reg heater and or a/c, also humidifier and de-humidifer, co2, lights, fans, intake/outtake and anything else that needs to be ran inside your grow environment. There are multiple heat and cooling stages so you can have a fan come on when temps rise above setpoint a few deggrees than if it conitnues to climb have a/c come on, if that does not bring temps down you can have a bank of lights turned down. and or the whole grow room will shut down if the temp rises above hot temp shut off. Not only will this controller dial in your room to increase yeild it will make it easier and safer. sends aleart through email and or text messages everything can be viewed and controlled over the internet.
hydroponic, controls, automation, indoor, plant, hydroponics, soil, computer controlled growing.
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2 Greenhouse/Grow Room Controller IPONIC
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