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2 grow tents, 3 digital blasts and more


This is what you get, please read all!
2 large grow tents. -
one is what we believe the grow lab 240 Dimensions: 7`11" x 7`11" x 6`7" (very large)
the second is a dark room 4x8.
BOTH NEED SOME SEWING but can be fixed with a needle and thread. they seem like they can be used as is. so please read below-
all is there parts wise(we had them checked), they are 2 places where they sewing on the smaller tent One is at a bottom of a door area near the zipper the other is at the top in same area. the second tent we believe only has one but might have missed one.
All the rips are along zipper areas and can be threaded together. because of this we are selling CHEAP! The large one we were told goes for 600 new, the smaller one is 300 new.(price is at bottom)
There are also 3 lumatek 600 watt digital ballasts. one of the ballasts has a switch they can be switched between 200 400 600 watts. the is 2 light sockets (one is in the ballast)
2 - tracks with light movers and one brand new never used light mover. there is also a thing called a "dog bone" ??? and some auto string adjust things(3)
Please look at the pics (the tent poles are all there but not pictured. We took to a garden store so they could check the ballasts and they all work.
We were told this would cost over $2000 if new.
since this is used and the tents need some work we are selling everything for $ 300 FIRM! we were told we could seek for 600-800 if we fixed our self but just buy and sell units and don`t want to so we are selling cheap.
2 grow tents(need some sewing and cleaning)
3 light moves(one new in box) with 2 rails All work 100%
3 digital ballasts all work 100%
1 reflector used with socket and a second socket
and other accessories.
$300 takes it all, will deliver locally t meet between newburgh and middletown area.

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2 grow tents, 3 digital blasts and more

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