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210watt 6x lense LED grow light veg/flower obo


210 watt LED grow light
six lens magnified spectrum capable of both cycles
dual fan self cooling system
also have a 8" inline fan w/ 4` filter if interested ($150)
I can honestly say my power bill only jumped possibly $20-$40 including other addition operating components. Very bright and effectively covered my 5x5x8 environment. Only selling to pursue other interest. Other leds on craigslist are going for more with less power and fewer lens. Ive seen first hand the true asset this can be, my plants couldn`t get enough and kept climbing every time i raised it higher.
May be open to med plus cash trade, no 100% trades looking for cash.

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3532 Days ago

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
210watt 6x lense LED grow light veg/flower obo
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