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300 Watts LED grow lights 7:1:1 red,blue,orange


I have 7 300 Watts LED grow lights. The normal cost for this lights brand new is $320. so selling them for half the price. Fully working.
2 of the LED lights are pure blue to grow vegetation faster $160/each
5 of the LED lights are 7:1:1 red,blue,orange for blooming $160/each
also carbon filter fan $50
also CO generator $200
if you take all the lights $150/each and you can take the carbon filter
1. Make sure the voltage is correct; keep the machine well grounded.
2. Keep your eyes away from the led light to avoid damage.
3. Cut off the power when stop using.
Voltage: 85~265VAC AUTO-ADAPTIVE
Output power: 300w (More powerful than a 1000 Watt HPS)
Measurement: 19x12x3 inches
LED Configuration - 288- 1 Watt LED, 216 Red + 36 Blue + 36 Orange
WaveLength - Red=630nm, Blue=460nm, Orange=612nm
Cover material: flame retardant PC
Color temperature: 3500-6500K
lumens: 10800LM
I will fix any of this lights within the first 30 days
Powerful 300w led grow light to replace 2 pieces x standard 800W to 1000W HPS grow light, save 90% on electriciy.
Lifetime over 80,000 hours
Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden, whether hydroponics or soil based
No setup required - this is a plug-n-play grow light
Applications: Horticulture & Hydroponics Lighting
Chains and hooks also included.
LED Grow lights for greenhouse hydroponic system gardening feature:
Unique heat dissipation, light decay very small
Wide voltage design.
Wavelength can be easily changed and composed.
Light weight small volume, long life, broken,resistence, no waste. Can provide the light energy.
For the plant , the light effiency is very high, 30 times than MH,HPS, can provide the different
kinds of wavelength required by the plants , this realize the high effiency , enviroment -friendly
production for agriculture, can save 3-5 times power consumption.
LED grow lights advantage:
Enviroment -friendly production
Energy saved
Long lifespan time and let your cost down
RED and BLUE ray is effective for growing plant and plant can absorb the red/blue ray completely,
and using HPS light is only absorb 5% of ray energy by the plant.
In a word,LED grow light help your plant growing!This kind of LED grow light can accelerate the
photosynthesis, produced with infrared ray and suitable wavelength of LED.
The LED grow light makes use of the pure LED light and suitable for the plant growing, which will
make flowers blooms longer and the vegetables grow quicker.
LED grow light can save 50%-90% energy comparing with the Incan and fluorescent lamp.
Package Include:
1x 300W Led Grow Light
1x Stainless Steel hanging kit

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300 Watts LED grow lights 7:1:1 red,blue,orange
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