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4 light complete hydroponic used grow setup in good condition


I`m selling a complete 4 light hydroponic setup in good condition which includes :
1 C.A.P. MLC-4X 120/240v master light controller (with 120v style outlets)
4 Lumatek 1000watt 120/240v dimmable electronic ballasts (with power cords)
3 Hydrofarm Xtrasun 6 inch air cooled hoods (with power cords and hanging ratchets)
1 Sun System Yieldmaster II 6 inch air cooled hood (with power cords and hanging ratchets)
4 Digilux bulbs used 2 cycles
8 Maxlume 1000watt bulbs used for one 8 week cycle
2 8 inch Can-Fans
1 6 inch Can-Fan
3 foot air filter with 8 inch flange
3 wall mount oscilating fans
2 4x8 Botanicare flood and drain tables (comes with plywood and cinder blocks to set them on)
36 3 gallon Smart pots
1 Hydrologic tallboy water filter
1 C.A.P. 55 gallon reservoir with lid
Sulfer vaporizer
I will also include some items such as a waterproof PH meter and some unopened nutrients
Equipment can be picked up in Sonoma County, Monte Rio area

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4 light complete hydroponic used grow setup in good condition
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