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4 lumatek 1k digital ballasts and big lot grow equipment


This is a full set up with nearly everything you need to start a 4 thousand + watt grow.
This is for the full lot only $700 obo
There are:
4 lumatek dimable, digital 1k ballasts
4 240 ballast power cables
4 basic reflectors with bulbs and super spreaders
2 Eco plus 8" intake/exhaust fans
1 phresh intake filter
1 8" can filter carbon scrubber
1 mechanical timer box with 4 240 outlets
1 Titan 2 outlet timer and 1 generic timer
2 Eco plus rotating wall fans
2 lasco floor fans
2 sun leaves 2x4 T5 lights
3 maveric sun 4x4 T5 lights(though only 2 bulbs work in each, probably could be fixed)
2 Eco plus air pumps with 4 new medium air stones
15 1gal smart pots
15 5gal smart pots with handles
15 tomato cages
15 small run off catch tray
15 large run off catch tray
2 8" vent ducts
2 8" 90 degrees adjustable ducts

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4 lumatek 1k digital ballasts and big lot grow equipment
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