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400 Watt conpact Grow Light- Sunlight Systems


This is a "sun system 2" integrated light. You can use 400 watt high pressure sodium bulbs, or 330 watt metal halide conversion bulbs with this unit. If you are on a budget, you can get good results with bulbs from home depot or lowes for about $20-$25. The ballast and reflector are together in one unit. This saves space and keeps the heat sources in the same spot. I used this for 2 years without any trouble. Now I am downsizing. I understand they are usually good for about 10 years. so these have about 8 years of hard use left in them. Sunlight systems is a well known and respected company, and these are well built lights. They are a bit heavy, so I will include heavy duty eye hooks and metal hangers to use in mounting them to your ceiling stud. optional 4" duct bracket is included if you want to have a cooling fan attached. They also have a heavy duty, water proof power switch. These look blue in the pictures, but they are totally white in reality. I have 4 of these to sell. Using 2 or more of these gives better light penetration than one 600 or 1000 watt unit, because you are hitting the plants from more angles. You can also put the bulbs closer to the plants without burning them, resulting in more vertical space. Maybe that`s why 400 watt lights are the most popular size in all of Europe. Call or e-mail Jack to come and see these, and pick them up. Don`t spend $250 for new ones like I did.

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400 Watt conpact Grow Light- Sunlight Systems
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