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400 Watt Grow Light with Fan


I have a 400 watt digital/electronic grow light with 6" cool tube reflector and 4" inline fan with silencer. It was all used for about 9 months. Also included is a 6" to 4" reducer, a 4" 90° adjustable elbow, and 3 bulbs (2 HPS and 1 MH). Everything works great with no defects, only reason for selling is I upgraded to something bigger. Fan was taken apart and cleaned and works like new. Digital ballast doesn`t get hot. Fan silencer works great at controlling the sound of the fan, had it in a closet and could hardly tell. Would be great for someone starting up. Everything here for 200 obo...possible partial trades for reptile tank(s). Call/txt at

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400 Watt Grow Light with Fan
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