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400 Watt MH HPS Grow Light Switchable Ballast COMPLETE System


***LIKE NEW***
6" Air Cooled Reflector Hood:
- Air Cooling
- Assemble Lighting
- Multi-surface large hood to reflect most light to your plants
- Standard 6" air vent fits to 6" exhaust fan system(NOT included) and fits to any grow tents
- Removable tempered glass locked by switch for temperature control
- Tempered glass assemble with exhaust fan(NOT included) can deflate heat for plants not need much heat
- Tempered glass removed without exhaust system can offer more heat for tropical plants
- Dimensions: 26in.(L) x 22-1/4in.(W) x 10in.(H)
Ceramic Socket:
- Fit for E39 bulb cap
- Detachable durable ceramic socket
- Easy to install if you need to change your reflector
- Ceramic socket should be used with ballast for steady power supply.
- With a 14-3/8ft. power cord
Harvest Sun 400W Ballast
- Harvest Sun ballasts from Custom Automated Products are the best value priced Aluminum Cased ballasts available.
- The cases are made of extruded aluminum to provide cool operation and have a vibration dampening system for noise reduction.
- All C.A.P. ballasts can be run at 120 or 240 volts with the proper cord.
- They come with a 120 volt power cord, 240 volt power cords are available below.
- All Harvest Sun ballasts will run either M.H. or H.P.S. bulbs (with the exception of the 600w model which will run H.P.S. bulbs only.
- Harvest Sun ballasts feature a detachable lamp and power cord for ease of use and setup.
- Harvest Sun ballasts feature a new Multi-Lamp Receptacle for versatility.
PAID $560.00 - Asking $165.00 OBO -- ***OPENED BOX, LIKE NEW*** You pick up in north Phoenix. Cash is perfect - no checks or money orders. Thank you for looking. Contact me if you have any questions.

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400 Watt MH HPS Grow Light Switchable Ballast COMPLETE System
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