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400 watt Quantum


400 Watt Quantum - Maximizer - Ultra Sun HPS Grow Light Package
This entry level lighting package is great for the small-scale indoor gardener on a tight budget. Perfect for an area up to 3`x3` in size and capable of growing several plants.
The INCREDIBLE price of $189.95 is no joke!
The efficient Quantum 400w ballast saves money on energy versus traditional magnetic ballasts. While seated in the small stature (but great reflection) Maximizer Reflector from Sun System the Ultra Sun 400w HPS bulb provides an impressive 50,000 lumens. Don`t worry about light hangers because we added in a set of our own heavy duty ratchets.
Getting setup and growing a couldn`t be easier or a better value!
Quantum 400w Dimmable Ballast
Quantum 400W Dimmable 120/240vac Ballasts are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of indoor gardeners. By providing a truly unique dimmable function in an HID ballast, this ballast can be run at 100% and 75% power. The Quantum Horticulture ballast enables you to control the amount of light that you want to give your gardens.
• Run at 100% or 75% power
• Strike both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Bulbs
• Accepts 120v or 240v with no wiring needed (Both cords included)
• Accepts 50 Hertz to 60 Hertz with no extra wiring needed
• Runs 15% cooler than other digital ballasts on the market
• Has a continuous Power Factor of 99%
• The most stable output frequency of any ballast
• Higher lumen output than magnetic ballasts.
• Light weight and care free
• Comes complete with a sealed fan for efficient cooling of the circuit board
• Can efficiently be run on generators without flickering
• Resin sealed circuit board for high humidity installations
• Can easily be used in conjunction with lighting controllers and flip boxes
• 12 hour factory bench tested
Sun System Maximizer Reflector
Economy minded reflector. Square shape ideal for square growing area. Highly reflective textured aluminum. Lightweight, easy to use design. Adjustable beam spread design for specific light distribution. Junction box, cord and mogul socket included. Does not accept glass.
Reflector Dimensions: 23.2"L x 17.3"W x 7.7"H
Ultra Sun HPS 400
The Ultra Sun™ High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps have a Kelvin temperature rating of 2000°K which is ideal for the fruiting and flowing stages of plants. It is also an excellent lamp for full term plant growth. These lamps have been specifically engineered for horticulture applications.
Ultra Sun™ lamps are high quality, feature robust construction and have excellent reliability at an economical price.
One year warranty.
GUI Ratchet Master Heavy Weight Hanger Pair Rope Ratchet
GUI Ratchet Master Heavy Weight Hangers allow you to hang large and heavy items, like reflectors or filters, securely and adjust their height quickly and easily.
Maximum weight: 150 lbs (pair)
Rope length: 6 Feet
Rope diameter: 1/8" (replacement rope available)

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400 watt Quantum
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