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400w grow light HID MH and HPS ballast reflector


Sunleaves Pulsar 400w grow light MH and HPS ballast reflector $80
Comes with a 400w Metal Halide lamp
Can use Metal Halide lamp or High Pressure Sodium
Has switch to use MH or HPS lamps
This is a heavy unit because the ballast and reflector are in the same housing
20 inches by 13 inches
It works like new and there will be no disappointments in its appearance or performance.
Online description below
Product Description
Sunleaves Pulsar Two-Way Mini Offer customers the most versatile HID fixture available. The Sunleaves Pulsar Two-Way Mini is a self-contained lighting system that accommodates both high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps. Gardeners can have the best of both worlds; the power to provide the proper spectrum of light from seed to harvest in one unit just by flicking a switch. The Pulsar Two-Way Mini 400-watt features a faceted polished aluminum interior, built-in HID ballast, eight-foot power cord and hanging hardware. 400-watt high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps are sold separately. The Mini Pulsar is also backed by a five-year warranty. System dimensions are 20 1/4" x 13" x 7".
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400w grow light HID MH and HPS ballast reflector
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