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6 Grow Light Tubes by Vertitube 1000 watt Individual Vertical Sections


6 Grow Light Tubes by Vertitube™ 1000 watt
Individual Vertitube™ Sections -- vertical -- allows for 360° of light radiation
20" tall 6" diameter
I have 6 of these light tubes. They are designed and manufactured by Vertitube™.
They are vertical oriented, stacked one on top of the other.
The effect is a tall column of light tubes (3) that radiate 360° unlike horizontal lights that radiate straight down. What you can do if you`re handy is get those plastic shelves that stack about 5` tall and build a wall around the light tubes (a circle works best), put your plants on the shelves and cover the front of the shelf with netting for the plants to be grown through, bend and train during vegetative growth. When the netting is covered totally with vegetation, flower. The entire thing will be getting maximum light. Done right, the amount these setups produce in a smaller footprint is amazing!
Individual Vertitube™ Section 1000 watt retail price $249 each.
I am selling each section for $50. Each comes with instructions (pictured).
Total of 6 sections, $300 for all.
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6 Grow Light Tubes by Vertitube 1000 watt Individual Vertical Sections
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