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6 lights ac, deheuy, ballasts, bulbs, NUTES OMMP


Moving Sale! This is all of my gear. For the cost of buying one new light, you get 6 hoods, 6 ballasts, a tent, ac, dehumidifier, tons of stuff! Check out the list below and call quick. This won`t last long!
You get ALL of this:
Enough nutes for a full run: House & Garden Aquaflakes A 3l House & Garden Aquaflakes B 3l House & Garden Multi Zen 1l House & Garden Bud-XL 2l House & Garden Top Booster 2l House & Garden Magic Green 500ml House & Garden Nitrogen Boost 250ml House & Garden Drip Clean 250ml House & Garden Amino Treatment 100ml House & Garden Shooting Powder 4 sachets
Plus all the following gear:
-6x Reflector/Hood with sungrips on each one for easy hanging (4 loaded with 600w HPS with one run on them. The other 2 have 250w MH bulbs with one run).
-4x 600w ballast
-2x 250w ballast
-Horticontrol 2 ballast flip flop
-2x 350cfm squirrel cage fans with speed control built in
-Sun Hut Grow Tent 3x5
-Mini Sunhut for clones/isolation chamber
-2x frames for small tents for veg/clones
-Enough Panda Plastic left on the roll to finish out your new grow space
-2x commercial air pumps
-6x circulation fans
-Bluelab pH Pen (still under warranty)
-Bluelab PPM Pen (NEW IN BOX!)
-Hanna PPM Pen
-9,000 BTU A/C Unit (nice free standing one)
-30l Ideal Air Dehumidifier (specifically designed for growing. works with controllers.)
-6x 3 gallon black plastic buckets with airstones
-6x 8 gallon reservoir with airstones and modular scrog screen
-Various timers, extension cords, etc.
-Enough flexible metal ducting to last a lifetime
-Air line tubing
-2x Carbon filter (relatively new, still have a few runs in them for sure. One is a CAN 33 the other is a smaller one for veg).
-Reverse Osmosis Filter Machine
-150w Blue Spectrum CFL
-A bunch of stuff that will just take too much time more to list!
Seriously, this deal is insane, but I have to move so take advantage! Please Call or Text...

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6 lights ac, deheuy, ballasts, bulbs, NUTES OMMP
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