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600 Watt Lumatek Dimmable Ballast -Only One Use- Hood Bulbs Avail


I have a 600 Watt Lumatek Ballast for sale, a hood with a built in fixture, and a plug adapter to convert the Ballast`s output into the appopriate one for the fixture. I bought everyhing a few years ago NEW, but used them for only one grow, then I moved somewhere that a hydroponic grow just wouldn`t be possible. Everything has been sitting safely in storage since then.
All reasonable offers I`ll consider, but my reserch shows these are pretty realistic prices. Will add a couple bulbs if you take everything of my hands. Some people change after each grow, but generally they`ll be good for at least two.
Texting is preferred, but I can take calls.

- Jake
600W Lumatek Ballast - $100 Or Best Offer (if purchased alone)
- What I Paid New: $178.99 on Amazon
- 600W Watts
- 120/240 Volts (Either Okay)
- Dial-a-watt dimmable e-ballas is completely silent
- External breaker system protects against power surges
Hydroponics Reflector Hood - $35 Or Best Offer (if purchased alone)
- 6" diameter inner tube encloses the bulb for most efficient heat extraction
- Comes with separately purchased power adapter.
- What I Paid New: $55
BAASR *Power Supply Adaptor - Free With Hood
-Adapts a Hydrofarm ballast to a Sunlight System fixture/cord set
Virtual Sun 600 Watt MH (Metal Halide) Grow bulb - Free With Bundle!
- What I Paid New: $38 on
600 Watt HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Grow bulb- Free With Bundle!
- What I Paid New: $41.23 on Amazon)
So that`s $100 for the ballast, and $35 for the hood with adapter (bought separate). If you take both, I`ll throw in the bulbs, which should have at least a full grow left in them. Might even consider driving to you if you`re not to far. Hit me up!
600W Lumatek Ballast
Power Adapter

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600 Watt Lumatek Dimmable Ballast -Only One Use- Hood Bulbs Avail
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