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600watt LED Grow Lights 200-3w Cree LEDs Replaces 1000w HID


600 watt LED Grow Light, Brand New in the Box
- Powerful 600 watt Full Spectrum Grow Light: each unit contains 100 - 3w cree LEDs individually chipped for maximum efficiency.
- 9-Bands for plant veg and flower ("emits full range of absorbable plant light spectrum for optimal growth")
- Internal Fan cooled system produces 15% more CO2 for your plants as it cools itself
- 85% more efficiency, energy savings and runs 90% cooler than HPS or MH
- Comes complete with 110v power supply and mounting hook set and a 3-year manufacturer warranty
- Sleek Black Metal Casing and complete hanging system
- 300watt and 165watt LED Grow Lights also available - Black/White Metal Casing 600(200-3w LEDs, 9-band, Full Grow Spectrum)
- More than one of each available
- FREE Gift Wrap by request
Note: These lights are designed for vigorous growth in all phases of plant life.
Email now with contact information, these will go fast, if the add is still up they are still available. Serious inquiries only, $400 OTD

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
600watt LED Grow Lights 200-3w Cree LEDs Replaces 1000w HID
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