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Advanced LED DS 100


Advanced LED Diamond Series DS 100
Coverages: Total coverage 2.5ft x 3ft, Core coverage 2ft x 2.5ft
(50) 3w High Output LEDs (single chip) 100w
This compact LED grow light has been gently used and cared for perfectly. Great for vegetation or a small home grow, the LED lights are easier on your electric bill and produce far less heat than a super hot HID light.
A perfect way to get some savings while vegging your hydroponic or indoor grow. Can go the distance into flowering stage, too. Free light hanger included with the light.
Find a link to this manufacturer here:
Normal price is $295 - my price is ⅓ that cost! All bulbs are lit, fans in great condition and the unit is extremely clean. Purchased one year ago, used in two cycles.
Thanks for looking!

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Advanced LED DS 100
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