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AeroFlo2 60 site hydroponics


I have a gently used AeroFlo2 60 site that i bought for over a thousand dollars, asking $475
Also have a 5 foot active air carbon filter with fan attached that i used for less than 3 weeks total (filter is pretty much brand new) asking $250 with fan!
The AeroFlo 60 site system is an excellent choice for growing small crops such as lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, basil, and other herbs. Varieties of flowers and tomatoes which do not grow taller than three feet will also do well. The AeroFlo 60 site system includes everything you need to get started. The AeroFlo 60 is 61 inches wide 82 inches long and 20 inches tall. This system includes: 40 gallon reservoir, 6 - 6 ft. grow chambers, TNC 1250 GPH pump (large enough for the system and one 60 extension), Injection manifold, support structure, 60 - 3" Grow Cups, Coco cups and Grorox, 3 part Florakit
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AeroFlo2 60 site hydroponics
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