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AeroJet - 8 Tray Hydroponic System, Aeroponics, Indoor Grow System


Selling my Aeroponics or Hydroponics indoor garden grow system.
Asking $1,000 or reasonable offer.
It lists for $2091.95 new. That is for the bare system; no extras, no spare parts, no fans, no additional hose, no thermostat controls, no grow media, etc. that I am selling with this system. This system also has the 40 gallon tank upgrade instead of the standard 20 gallon.
The value of the extras included with this system is easily $350.
If it sells for the asking price I will include a 110v (standard plug-in) Very Large grow light that is more than enough for this system. An additional $100+ value.
• It is an 8 tray system
• Places for 48 plants (8 rows of 6 plants each)
• All necessary plumbing, etc. is included.
• LOTS of extra parts.
• 1 full 50# bag of grow media. (more than enough for this system)
• (3) Air Circulation Fans for keeping the air moving in your grow room if desired.
• Timer
• Pumps
• Several digital thermostat controls to operate fans, etc. if desired.
• Rolls of extra hose
• Extra Screens
• Lots of extra piping and connections (not shown)
• Rack/Stand to hold grow beds
Here is a link to the AeroJet 4-tray hydroponic system on a reputable hydroponic e-commerce site so you can learn more.
This one shows a 4 tray, mine is an 8 tray.
CALL, TEXT or EMAIL with any questions.
Steve 58O2two2485l
Located in Seminole, OK. 45 miles East of Norman, OK on Hwy 9. 1 hour East of Oklahoma City on I-40.

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AeroJet - 8 Tray Hydroponic System, Aeroponics, Indoor Grow System
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