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Aluminum full 20 CO2 tank regulator


This is for a full 20# Aluminum co2 tank and a Titan controls Regulator and solinoid. This is an amazing deal grab it while you can.
The regulator is an extra I have and I have only used it for a couple of months. The tank is newly filled and code compliant aluminum and the regulator is a near new Tiantan Controls Brass CO2 regulator and solenoid valve. Just the Brass Titan controls reg and solinoid are $140.00 new and the Aluminum tank is much better, stronger and lighter than steel tanks. I am also including 5 feet of new c02 tubing with this as well.
This will get your plants growing indoors at a much faster rate or the tank will get that beer keg or kegerator up and running for your party.
This can also be used as an aquarium co2 delivery system. Either way you use it, either for OMMP, greenhouse keg or aquarium it will get you moving right along.
This is a PLUG AND PLAY system. Firm Price
Text or email me with any questions. I am willing to meet in south salem or Brownsville free. If you want me to drive further I can for the cost of gas about 25.00 for pdx and 20 for eug.
This is a great deal for the best quality tank and brass regulator

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Aluminum full 20 CO2 tank regulator
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