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Aquarium Protein Skimmer AquaC EV180


I have a AquaC EV 180 Protein Skimmer and a Mag Drive 7 pump for 240.00. It`s in excellent condition. I can`t use it with my current Aquarium setup because of space. They go for 340.00 plus tax anywhere else. Here is a brief description and link of the skimmer:
AquaC EV Series Protein Skimmers feature significant advancement over the original design to enhance use and ease skimmer maintenance. Choose the model that best suits your skimmer needs and install as an internal (in sump) or external unit. AquaC EV Series Protein Skimmers require a feed pump to inject water into the skimmer.
Skimmer Features
The new EV Series skimmers are a significant advancement over the original design released in 1998. AquaC listened to customer suggestions and comments and the new EVs incorporate many of the features you have been asking for. The new features include:
Flanged and locking collection cup and cap - twist and release for easy cleaning.
Raised gate valve - the skimmer no longer needs to be raised in most sump installations!
Redesigned exit plumbing keeps microbubble return to a minimum.
Larger mixing chamber (40% more volume) means greater contact time and waste removal.
Side-mounted gate valve saves critical sump space.
Precision control airflow valve - easy tuning for wet or dry foam.
John Guest* "Super Speed Fit" fitting for ozone or calcium reactor connection.
Sealed foam tower means no more salt creep build-up.
Auto-waste container compatible.
Redesigned interior baffling system reduces turbulence and increases contact time; the end result is a two-fold increase in foam production and skimming efficiency.
AquaC EV-180
20" tall
5-3/4" x 9" footprint (not including pump)
3/4" hose barb water input
1" gate valve output
5/8" collection cup drain
3/8" threaded air inlet
Gate valve exit is 8" high
Rated for aquariums between 75 and 180 gallons
EV-180 performs best when powered by a pressure-rated pump capable of producing 700-800 GPH unrestricted

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Aquarium Protein Skimmer AquaC EV180
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