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ballasts, hoods, etc. for sale


I have (4) dual 600watt ballasts for sale. They are lumatek brand, digital, dimmable, complwtely silent, and they are the dual ballasts. They are basically new I have the boxes, manuals, ets. They all have the power cords too. Im selling the ballasts for $150/each. If u want them all I will go $125/each.
I also have 7 different hoods for sale. Some are air cooled, some arent. Some have glass with them, some dont. they vary in size and shape but all work well hand have power cords. The hoods im selling $25/each. I do have (2) brand new aircooled hoods with 8 inch ports and good glass. These 2 hoods are brand new so im asking $75/ each or $100/ pair.
Next I have (2) 400 watt ballasts for sale. Works great, power cords with them, will sell for $75/ each or $125/ pair. I will sell a full 400watt system with ballast, hood, and bulb for $100 if u want to do that.
if your interested in any items just call or text and make an offer or come check em out. If u bundle several items I will work with u on price

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ballasts, hoods, etc. for sale
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