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BloomBoss UFO LED Grow Light


This light works great and I have gotten the desired results using it, I just already have another one and this 2nd one has just been sitting since I bought it, having used it for only a few months of indoor growing. It still has 1 year left on the warranty, which is full coverage so if you wanted to you could use it and send it back in to get a full refund, and then buy a brand new one if you like how it works. Or you could just keep the extra 50 dollars. I would send it back in myself and get a full refund but I just don`t have the money for shipping right now, and really need this money to cover some bills!
Here is the model I have:
Please call 916-seven four three-four zero nine three if you are interested! Thanks

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3592 Days ago

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
BloomBoss UFO LED Grow Light
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