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Botanicare Eazy drain 100 gallon Reservoirs


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**I have 21 ea of these Gently used Botanicare 100 gallon Eazy Drain Reservoirs**
These sell for over $306.95 new and my price is only $99 each!
They measure: 81 x 29.25 x 13.
The Eazy Drain Reservoirs use a gradual interior slope to allow the solution to drain completely without manually tilting the units. Designed to be used with a bulkhead fitting and on/off valve, the Eazy Drain makes maintaining your hydroponic systems hassle free. The Eazy Drain also includes molded volume markers in gallons and liters so you`ll always know how much solution you have left.
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Botanicare Eazy drain 100 gallon Reservoirs
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