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BRAND NEW 711 LED Grow Light Panel - VEG AND BLOOM - Aluminum - with AC Adapter


711 LED Tri-Band LED Grow Light Panel + 100V-240V 50-60Hz AC Adaptor ($20 Retail)
I do have other LEDs along with other grow equipment on hand ready togo! I will also accept ALL or any of your used grow equipment for trade in on any item in my huge selection of equipment. I also purchase in bulk and less with cash money!
**Grow Light**
Saves 95% $ on your electric bill!
100, 000 Hours
The size is 30.5cm X 14.5cm X 3.8 cm or 12.0 X 5.7X 1.5 inch
Rigid Aluminum Frame
Better Heat dissipation
4 built-in hooks for easy mounting
Better space utilization
Light weight (512g)
Low Voltage eliminates electric shock / fire hazard
Perfect for green houses
Wavelength (Tri-Band):
Red: 660nm
Orange: 612nm
Blue: 470nm
LEDs are rated at 10000mcd
Ratio: 12 Red / 6 Orange /1 Blue (12:6:1)
Total LED: 711 pcs Tri-band (450Red, 225 Orange and 36 Blue)
100,000 hours of life
12 years of continuous operation
Energy consumption is 5-10% of a typical light bulb (depending on wavelength)
Red light stimulate flowering and seed production
Orange light stimulate growth of carotenoids to make plants stay healthy
Blue light stimulate stem and leaf growth
Minimum HEAT ( Energy Efficient )
Total of 711 LEDs + AC Adaptor($20)
Why? Why do we need an cUL Listed AC adaptor?
Unlike other panels in the market, we have separated the AC power input from the panel and utilize a cUL Listed AC adaptor to supply 12V DC power to the panel. By configuring our panels to use low voltage, we have eliminated possible electric shock and fire hazards and thus give you a peace of mind.
If you have any questions or are in need of any grow equipment please call or text me at
Thanks and God bless. Chad

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BRAND NEW 711 LED Grow Light Panel - VEG AND BLOOM - Aluminum - with AC Adapter
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