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Brand new Sealed 5gallon jugs of Botanicare nutrients


I have some Brand new, Sealed 5gallon jugs of Botanicare nutrients.
Pro Blend Gro & Bloom aswell as liquid karma. All Brand new. I have the pour spouts that I`ll toss in. 20ea normally.
As a bonus I have an opened 5gal jug of Liquid Karma (that I will toss in for free) there is 4gallons left. It`s almost new. Its still good. Only a few months old. & it`s FREE when you buy the other jugs or trade flowers! ($250 value)
Retail for everything is over $1000 will sell for 600obo cash. Or 300 cash & 2 oz of Topself indoor. I will not take outdoor, or small bottom nugs. Please don`t waste my time. (Look at pictures of my flowers) yours must be similar.
Thank you & happy holidays!

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
Brand new Sealed 5gallon jugs of Botanicare nutrients
VancouverWA 98682
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