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CO2 REGULATOR from Titan Controls /


I am selling a complete set of slightly used hydroponic and other grow equipment for my friend. I will be listing much more in the next day or two. It will include ebb and grow set ups, EZ-Clone 60, large and small reflectors(both air cooled and not cooled), 4` T5 fluorescent 8 bulb fixtures, HPS and metal halide lights (some unused), switchable magnetic and Lumatek dimmable digital electronic ballasts, vortex blowers, wall fans, CO2 monitoring and distribution equipment, CO2 regulator, large carbon filters, lots of various size plastic pots and grow bags, lots of ducting, various nutrients, multiple outlet programmable digital timers, etc. Contact me if you want info on something asap.
This listing is for a Titan Controls CO2 (carbon dioxide) regulator. Still have the original box. Asking only $75. The CO2 tank is not included in the price but is available for an additional $99. I also have a CO2 distribution system with temperature and humidity controls that I will be listing.

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
CO2 REGULATOR from Titan Controls /
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