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Compact Indoor Growing System


Hello! I need to sell my tabletop grow light system to pay my bills. IT works great to start seeds, grow herbs, and grow house plants. I only bought it a few months ago so it is basically brand new! It works great and looks better than a homemade set-up. Here is a link to the website I bought it from:
I`m only asking $90 for it which is a steal because I paid around $200 after taxes and shipping.
Here is a description from the manufacturer:
Compact tabletop light stand is perfect for starting seeds and growing herbs and houseplants in a small space
Bright, full-spectrum light easily adjusts to the proper height for optimal plant growth
Rugged, powder-coated aluminum frame with a quiet, energy-efficient light fixture
VIDEO: Tour our Vermont factory
Enjoy the fun -- and savings -- of starting your own plants from seed. Now it`s easier than ever to give your seedlings and houseplants all the light they need for healthy, vigorous growth. Our new Tabletop Grow Light has a sturdy, compact aluminum stand with adjustable height control and a low-profile light fixture. Two high-efficiency T-5 fluorescent bulbs produce more bright, full-spectrum light than old-style fluorescents, yet use 20% less electricity. An attractive black finish and compact footprint make this grow light suitable for year-round use on a countertop or side table.
Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

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Compact Indoor Growing System
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