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Complete CFL Grow Light Kit with Reflector and 8 New Bulbs


These come pre-assembled, just screw in the bulbs and go.
You get:
1 x 30" X 14" Reflector
4 x ceramic sockets
4 x y socket splitters for 8 bulbsOne built-in power cord.
8 x 26 watt/100 watt incandescent light output equivalent CFLs, using only 208 watts, (8 bulbs x 26 watts =208 total watts used, while producing the equivalency of 800 watts of incandescent light.)
Don`t let skepticism fool ya, these things will grow anything from seed to harvest and are perfect for veg rooms bloom rooms and starting tables/shelves full of seeds/cuttings.
2700K (red specrum) bulbs will be the ones with your kit if no other request is given. 2700K bulbs do the best for a plant`s complete life cycle, especially the flowering stage. 6500k (blue spectrum) bulbs are good for the vegetative stage, (all growth from seed or cutting up til the fruits or buds show up,) but not ideal for the complete life cycle. If you`re not sure what you need or would like to request all blue or all red or a mix, talk to me and I`ll get you what you need. : )
Silent while in use.
All new high quality parts hand assembled in America to create quality grow lights suitable for high quality production for a wide variety of growing needs.
Call text or email today and have your organic gourmet baby lettuce ready in 28 days in your garage kitchen closet or spare room :) (Other plants vary, check seed packs.)

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Complete CFL Grow Light Kit with Reflector and 8 New Bulbs
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