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Complete GROW ROOM 3200 watt set up


I am selling one of my patients equipment because they can no longer maintain a garden. The set up is practically new with valid manufacturer warranties. Everything works great. Nothing cracked or broken.
If you bought this new it would cost over $2700.... PRICED TO SELL ASAP.
4 x Sun System Blockbuster hoods 6" ducted, fully enclosed. (retail $150 each)
Includes hose clamps and 6`` ducting to hang them
2 x generic 1000w ballasts. MH/HPS switchable (retail $100 each)
2 x Lumatek digital super 600w ballasts. MH/HPS switchable (retail$200 each)
2x Hortilux 1000 watt bulbs - used 4 months (retail $150)
2x bulbs 600 watt - used 6 months (retail $120)
2 x Sun MAster Cool Blue 1000watt MH bulbs (retail $200)
1 x Sun Blaze T5 8 bulb veg light (retail $175)
2 x digital timers with battery back-ups to keep time in power outages (retail $40)
1 x C.A.P. REG-1 CO2 regulator - just need to buy a tank (retail $100)
1 x Hurricane 10" inline fan (for charcoal filter) comes w/10" flex duct lengths (retail $160)
1 x Phresh Air 36" charcoal filter & washable pre-filter. (retail $225)
1 x Hurricane 6" inline fan (for hoods) (retail $100)
1 x 16`` wall fan (retail $45)
2 seedling trays with domes
3/4 full huge bag of size 4 perlite
COMES with a full line of General Organics w/ feeding chart (retail $300)
(maybe half of them at 50% full, the rest are 50%)
Bioneem organic pest control (not much used)
5x15 gallon
25 x 3 gallon
ALL YOU NEED is soil and clones and you are ready to rock this set up.
SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. CASH IN HAND. OMMP Preferred but not necessary.
WILL DELIVER to NO/NE portland

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