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Complete Grow Room with Grow Lights From clone to finish


Complete Grow Room with Grow Lights!
1 - 4 x 6 Grow tent
3 - Grow hoods
1 - Metal Halide (Vegetation Stage) -> 600 watt bulb
2 - High Pressure Sodium (Flowering Stage) -> 600 watt bulbs
3 - 600 watt balasts
1 Full size Hydro Farm Carbon Filter (Eliminates Smell)
1 Hydro Farm 8 in Industrial Fan (Very strong and quiet - All you will need to power your air ventilation cooling system)
One cloning machine (8 site)
1 - full size de-humidifier
1 - BluLab eletronic ph tester
1 - T5 8 bulb Grow light
2 - timers
This is everything you need from start to finish.
ALL of this is less than one year old except for the de-humidifier (I bought it used and it still works perfectly)
Everything was over $2000 brand new. Everything in perfect working condition.
Priced to sell. Just the tent is worth $450. Moving to an apartment and can`t take it with us.
Contact Chris by email or call at (81 zero) 522-6 zero 13

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Complete Grow Room with Grow Lights From clone to finish
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