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Complete Grow room setup with many extras. Best offer


I am moving and will not be taking my grow setup with me. Please make an offer. I`ve invested well over a few grand into this setup and it has served me very well.
(3+) 1000 watt HPS lamps, bulbs and ballast
(Replacement bulbs and replacement ballast)
(1) l.e.d. Light panel that is great for rooting and veg (costs me $500 new)
(2)t-5 fluorescent panels with new bulbs
1 panel has 8 bulbs the other has 12 bulbs
CO2 tank with regulator and hose attachments
Sweet track lighting system that allows one HPS to cover a 10` range on a track that goes back and fourth
Various size planters pots
Various nutrients and spray bottles
Swamp cooler
CFL cone lights
And more... I move around the New Year so hoping to have this great stuff enjoyingn a new home by then.
Text or email. I`ll
Get back ASAP.

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Complete Grow room setup with many extras. Best offer
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