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Complete grow system, everything needed, high quality


Complete grow operation for sale. Retail is way over double the asking price Worth the drive to Minnesota, or if you want, shipping costs.
Includes everything pictured. Quality equipment here, no expense spared.
1. 48"x48"x78" Virtual Sun Hydroponics Tent
2. 20 Gallon Botanicare Reservoir
3. Exposure meter General electric Type DW-68
4. 3 mechanical timers
5. Tube Cutters
6. Blumat Automatic plant waterer
7. Air tubing
8. Leakminer traps
9. Assorted tubing fittings
10. Temp and humidity meter
11. Air hose fittings/water fittings
12. Many air stones
13. Phantom PHE1THD Digital Ballast 1000w
14. Two bulbs, Digilux 1000 MH
15. Tetra SP140 Statuary Pump
16. General Hydroponics Water pump CS-0260A
17. Hurricane Inline fan with filter Model 736575 6"
18. Duct inline blower 4" Model 736600
19. Phresh Carbon Air filter with pre filter, large
20. Assorted General Hydro plant food, most bottles are full.
21. Easy Green Hydroton 5 gallons
22. Bluelab pH Pen
23. Bluelab ppm Pen
24. Bluelab calibration solutions
25. Ducts
26. Starter trays
27. Thermoflo air ducts 4" and 6"
28. Danner air pump AP-4
29. Another 20 gallon water reservoir
30. Water hoses
31. Water hose fittings
32. 2- general hydroponics Air pumps AP-0025B
33. 3- Eco air 2 Air pumps
34. Large turntable to turn the plants in the tent (like a lazy susan)
35. A bunch of 5 gallon buckets with fittings and tubing attached
36. Sun Systems Magnum XXXL Reflector-6"
36. Probably some other stuff I`m forgetting to mention
I would like to sell as one, if there is something you must have but don`t want the rest email me and we can work something out. If it is listed here consider it still included in the lot.

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Complete grow system, everything needed, high quality
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