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complete grow tent, used for only 3 months


Hey everyone,
I`m selling a complete grow set up for 500$. Im not some business, I bought all this stuff from local shops/ online and am selling it now. I only used it for about 3 months and some of the equipment has never even been used. Nothing is wrong with any of it, just switching hobbies and need to make room. Here`s the list of what $500 will get you..
Apollo 600 watt dimmable digital ballast ..
cool tube reflective hood
HPS & MH bulbs
UL listed aluminum ducting (25 ft. of it)
Stepless speed controller
240 CFM duct fan ventech
530CFM inline booster fan tjernlund m-6
Apollo horticulture 4`x4` tent 80" tall
Carbon filter 6"
15Amp single outlet mechanical Timers ( x2)
adjustable Hangers
Items that are BRAND NEW, never used are the
the HPS bulb, 530 CFM inline booster, stepless speed controller, one of the timers, and carbon filter..
If you are a serious buyer and have 500$ cash I will take the time to answer questions,, but please take the time to read this whole post and if they`re not answered here, ask all your questions in one email.. this will help you get all the questions answered faster and not be so time consuming for either of us.
Commonly asked questions I imagine would be
-why are you selling it, anything wrong with it? No, nothing is wrong at all, I just decided to get another hobby and this is taking up a spare bedroom
- how much does it cost to run?..... In lompoc it was about another $40 a month with lights on 18 hrs a day 7 days a week
- how hot was inside the tent?. . .. With the small 240CFM fan outside the tent pulling air through the cool tube it was always kept 75-80, this set up rocks.
- does it smell?. . .. I never used the carbon filter so I couldn`t tell you honestly, the reviews for it are good, I preferred the smell of fresh tomatoes and kale to fill my house so I never used it.
-how soon can I pick it up/ can I see it all set up before I buy it?.. well we can meet anywhere you want outside my house, but sorry, I don`t meet people at my house, so you wont really be able to see it all set up.. everything is there, and hell, if you need help setting it up, I`d be more than happy to cruise by once you bought it and help set it up.. I will deliever
- I fit( 6) 12 gallon pots in the tent comfortably
-the tent is about as light leak proof as you can get.. no issues with anything while I used it .
- the tent has been re-sanitized since I used it last so you have a fresh start
Anything else, feel free to hit me up Thanks !

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complete grow tent, used for only 3 months
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