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Complete Hydroponic grow


Good afternoon! Letting go of my grow equipment at a very legit price. I grow beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers in the system. Here is what is included for the 300 -
1. Ebb and Flo 18 bucket system. It includes all 18 sites and two AgroMax pumps and with the drain and fill hoses. Has manuals. Brand new $519.00
2. Milliard 8` X 4` grow tent. Many vents from 4" to 8". Was a great tent for me. Has manual. Brand new $325.00
3. Hydrofarm 4" exhaust fan. This thing is like the energizer bunny. Nothing kills it! No manual. Brand new $49.00
So for about a 1/3 of the price you are up and running minus selecting your lighting.
This isnt included in the 300 but for the right offer I may let go
1. IDYLIS 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner. With manual. Brand new $309.00
2. Aeroflo2 60 site - This a baaaad boy right here. May be a little complicated for beginners. No manual. Brand new $1173.33
3. Hydrogrow Extreme 189X-PRO Led. This thing plus the aeroflo = sick! Again a little learning curve is needed if your brand new at this. Brand New $1195.00
Hit me up with offers guys and gals!

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Complete Hydroponic grow
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