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Complete Hydroponics Setup


I am looking to sell my hydroponics system in parts, but I will sell as a bundle with a discounted price. All items I purchased at a hydroponics store in San Diego. I also used to work at a store as well. Everything is name brand and brand new in perfect condition with zero dents or scratches. This system has only been used once, so the 1000W HPS red spectrum light bulb still has enough life expectancy for about 23,500 hours. The blue spectrum 600 MH Digilux light bulb as never even been open. All light bulbs have never been touched by any human skin or any oils of any kind. The Galaxy ballast is one of the best you can have due to you being able to control the wattage yourself. 400W, 600W, 1000W, or Turbo.. The hood reflector is the best you can buy and retail is $230, so this will save you tons of money since I`m selling it for a lot less than retail.
Here is a list of everything I wish to sell. If sold in a bundle i will give a discount.
Sun Blaze Fluorescent Fixture (8 tubes, 4 foot)
C02 tank
CO2 regulator
C.A.P CO2 PPM reader
Digilux 1000W HPS Red spectrum
Digilux 600 MH Blue spectrum (never used)
8 inch Dominator Magnum XXXL - Reflector hood
Temperature controller for night and day
Galaxy 1000W HPS/MH Dimmable
Carbon Filter 8"
EcoPlus Eco-Air 8 w/ 8 outlets (never used)
HydroLogic Water filter
Hanna Ph meter 9813-6 Waterproof model
Temperature and Humidity meter
If sold in a bundle I`m only going to ask for $1,200
Any questions please call me... Russ

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