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Complete Hydroponics Setup W/ Air Filtration & Ventilation


Complete setup, all you need is electricity! Included is:
6 complete grow buckets, aerators, tubing, and air pumps
1 general hydroponics assembly guide
400 w grow light with Sunmaster 400 w grow lamp, includes 48" reflector hood and ballast
1 additional Sunmaster 400 w bulb
3 48" fluorescent lights, outfitted with Spectralux t-5 54w grow lights
6 additional Spectralux bulbs
ActivAir carbon air filtration system with duct
Fantech exhaust fan with duct
3 additional air pumps plus tubing
Almost full gallon of Holland Secret "Bada Bing" nutrients
1 quart Final Phase Clearing and Flushing solution
5 complete sets of General Hydroponics 3 part nutrients
Intermatic heavy duty timer
1 additional 600 volt, 400 watt light fixture
1 Hortilux 400 w grow bulb
This equipment is used, and with great success. Wear and tear, calcium deposits, etc. should be expected. All equipment is in great working order. All you need is growing medium (available at any hydroponics store) and electricity.

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Complete Hydroponics Setup W/ Air Filtration & Ventilation
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