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Complete indoor aeroponic grow set up


Grow set up includes a 6 x 6 x 6 1/2 grow tent.
1 1000w hps ballast and hood with bulb
1 400w ballast and hood with bulb
1 100w hps all-in-one grow light
4 led grow pannels
1/2 hp flotec portable pump
1 ecoplus pump for the water chiller
1 pump for the return reservoir
1/4 hp ecoplus water chiller
6 5 pot aeroponic tubes with micro-misters
1 50 gal. main reservoir drum
1 40 gal. return reservoir tub
1 portable air conditioner
1 wall unit air conditioner
2 6 in. inline fans
1 activated carbon air scrubber
2 clip fans
2 mini fans
1 art-DNe controlling feeding pump
1 TMP-1 temerature controller
1 electronic high-low pump switch
2 timers
1 large air stone with tubing
1 industrial air pump
1 grow dome with tray and grow light
1 humidifier
1 space heater
3 5 gal water jugs
1 nutrient sprayer
also comes with 6 in. air ducting, hose clamps, and tubing.
Please only serious buyers contact me thank you.

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Complete indoor aeroponic grow set up
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