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Complete Indoor Grow Room Set-Up


I am selling these items as a complete unit. This is equipment is like brand new. It was used less than (4 ) four months. Just for reference to purchase this Complete Set-up New, cost me well over $4000.
(3) Lumatek LK1000 Adjustable Ballast
1100 Watt Boost
(1) Sentinel Environmental Controller - CHHC-4 CO2, Humdity, Temperature, Vent, Day/Night
(2) XtraSun Reflectors - 24 x 20 - 8" Duct w/1000 Watt Bulbs
(1) Can-Fan 8" Inline Fan w/CAP Fan Speed Controller (Dial-in)
(1) Growbright GB6HV - 6" Inline Fan
(2) CO2 Tanks w/CO2 Regulator and Rain System
(2) FluoroWing Florescent Lights
(1) Hydrologic Small Boy Water Purifier - Dechlorinator and Sediment Filter
(4) Timers
(2) Large Trays - 4 Foot(
(1) Botanacaire Reservoir
(1) Lightwayz Open Reflector 1000 Watt Bulb
(1) Sunleaves Oscillating Wall Fan
(2) Small Clip-On Oscillating Fans
(1) Clone Starter with Dome (including Pump)
(1) Heat Mat w/Adjustable Thermostat
(20) Cloth Smart Pots Various Sizes
If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank You

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Complete Indoor Grow Room Set-Up
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