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Complete indoor grow set


7 600 watt lumatek dimmable ballasts (2 x 240v only, 4 x 120/240v), all hps/mh bulbs included(all hps bulbs except 1 mh bulb)
4 sun system super sun 2 6in air cooled hoods
2 sun system yield master 2 hoods(all missing glass)
1 vtx600, 1 vtx800 & 1 vtx1000 vortex fans,
1 flotec pump(other 2 free)
Gen. Hydro 4 diaphragm air pump, 1 hydroLogic RO filter, 2 digital timers, 1 mlc 8x light controller, 1 sulfur burner w/ prills
1 CAP atmosphere controller
Sentinel cppm4 co2 controller & regulator
2Temp/humidity readers, 2 temp controllers 2fan speed controllers
2 adomizers
1 50gl reservoir
Misc(free with purchase:))
Not shown
1 4x8 virtual sun tent, 1 10 x 10 grow lab grow tent, 2 4 tray seedling mats w/ temp controllers.

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Complete indoor grow set
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