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Complete Indoor Hydroponic Setup plus extras


Complete indoor Hydroponic Setup plus extras!
Ebb and Gro Controller Unit /2 Pumps 7 G
The fill drain cycles are controlled by the controller unit and set with the built-in timer. This system can be set up in many different sizes and shapes to fit your exact growing needs.
Grow Flow is the only unit on the market with fail-safe overflow protection. If the float valve stops operating, the emergency shut-off valve will automatically shut down the system, preventing any spillage or damage to your growing area.
Yield Master - 8" Air-Cooled Reflector Completely sealed - featuring hinged glass and double gasket for an air-tight seal. Includes tempered glass, built-in socket and 15` lamp cord. 95% reflective European aluminum interior for excellent output and uniformity
The New XXXtreme features a low profile design and is sealed for more efficient cooling
It is equipped with an imported AlumaBrite reflective aluminum insert,regarded by gardening professionals as the industry standard for quality
This attention to detail and quality ensures maximum uniformity of light output while simultaneously minimizing hot spots
Hortilux Blue Daylight MH bulb
Initial Lumens: 29,000
Glass size: T-17
Hours: 12,000
Operating position: Horizontal
Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum grow lamps
Initial Lumens: 145,000
Glass Size: E-25
Operating position: Universal
Rated Hours: 24000
The NextGen Family of Electronic Ballasts.
1) 1000 w 1) 600w
Perfect for the next generation of gardening.
Runs both MH and HPS bulbs
30% more Light than a Core and Coil Ballast
Fast Lamp Ignition
Cold Lamp Starts in Less than 2 Seconds
Hot Lamp Restart in Less than 2 Minutes
Universal Lamp Receptacle.
Bulb can be run up to 65` from Ballast
Flicker-Free Operation
Constant Lamp Voltage Prolongs Bulb Life
Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat - 9" x 19½" - 17 watts
Warms seed flats for improved germination.
Most seeds prefer warm soil for optimum germination. These thin, waterproof mats raise the germination and rooting area temperatures approx. 20°F/11°C above ambient. 17 watts. Includes 120 volt AC power cord.
Hydro-Logic 31040 200-GPD Stealth-RO200 Reverse Osmosis Filter
Removes 98-Percent of chlorine and contaminants
Wastes approximately 25-Percent less than other RO Systems
Up to 200-Gallon Per Day
Automatic Shut-Off Cartridge
Wall Mountable Metal Bracket
Phresh Filter 6 x 16 400 CFM Carbon Filter for Grow Rooms
Phresh filters are state of the art carbon filters that practically scour the air to make it clean of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds and odors.
Phresh filters rely on the unique properties of high grade RC-48 activated carbon, found exclusively in Western Australia.
These filters are currently being used in research labs, plant breeding, tissue culture, indoor gardening, backyard and commercial greenhouses.
HM Digital PH-200 Waterproof pH And Temperature Meter
Measures pH and Temperature, Range: 0-14 pH, 0-80 °C, 32-176°F
Autoranging three point calibration with digital fine tuning
Waterproof housing (IP-67 rating)
Includes storage solution in a sponge embedded in a clear cap
Auto-off function, data-hold function and low-battery indicator
Titan Controls CO2 Regulator
Compatible with Titan Controls CO2 Controller
Precision Accuracy Flow Meter - .5 to 15 SCF/hour.
CO2 helps increase overall plant growth.
Features heavy-duty solenoid valve.
Brass construction for long-lasting dependability and durability.
Includes 12` of CO2 dispensing line.
Powered by 6` - 120 volt grounded power cord.
Two plastic tank washers included.
High quality oil-less pressure gauge.
2 CO2 Tanks
Stainless Steel Duct Clamps
Duct reducers
Duct couplers
Thousands of dollars worth of equipment!!!
All yours for $500 OBO
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Complete Indoor Hydroponic Setup plus extras
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