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Complete Metal Halide 1000W Grow Light System


Complete Metal Halide 1000W Grow Light System.Used for a total of 6 weeks. Works great. Just generates more heat than I can handle in my growing area. Would be ideal for starting plants in a garage or unheated shed. The inside of the reflector appears to be a copper color, in the photo. That was caused by the flash. It is a silver color. Cash only. Will not ship. Meet in Rutherford County or southern Davidson County, only.
Hydrofarm Proltun Reflector - retails for $59.95
Agrosun Gold 1000W Metal Halide Bulb - retails for $119.95
Xtrasun Ballast BAH 100A - retails for $179.95
Includes metal hangers. Cash only. No shipping. Pick up in Rockvale or meet in Rutherford County.
***This is not a convertible system. It does not work with High Pressure Sodium bulbs. Metal Halide only.***

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Complete Metal Halide 1000W Grow Light System
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