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Complete T5 Grow Light System with frame-NEW IN BOX


I have a brand new in box grow light system with frame. All in one. Never been opened/used. Has 1 year warranty. Specs below
1 Lamp 2 Foot T5 High Output Fluorescent Fixture
Specialty 6400K "GROW" High Output T5 Horticultural Bulb Included
High Output 2,000 lumens!
6` Grounded Power Cord - plugs into a standard household outlet and operates on standard household current
Electronic Ballast ensures energy efficiency and reliable performance.
Highly Reflective Aluminum Reflector INCLUDED! No extra cost for this premium upgrade feature! Note: Can be used with or without reflector.
COMPACT and POWERFUL! Measures 23.5" Long x 3.5" Wide and 1.75" Deep
Mounting Hardware Included
High Output GROW BULB Included!
Perfect spectrum for VEGETATIVE PLANT GROWTH! The high "blue" output of the 6400K Grow (Daylight spectrum) bulb grows compact, lush green plants!
High Output T5 Fluorescents are the most efficient source of Fluorescent lighting avialable!
Approx. DOUBLE the LIGHT OUTPUT of standard T12 and T8 Fluorescent fixtures!
Uses only approx. 24 watts but emits 2,000 lumens!
The Lumen Per Watt ratio (meaning electricity used compared to light output) is comparable to Metal Halide!
Because of High Output T5 Fluorescents low heat, the light can be placed closer to the plants resulting in greater light intensity when compared to Metal Halide lamps.
LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT! Can be used as primary or secondary light source. Small size makes it perfect for "corners" of grow rooms and grow tents to fill out bottom plant growth. Can also be used in conjunction with LED grow lights to provide deeper light penetration and more balanced light spectrum.
Optional "daisy chain" cord makes it possible to "string" multiple units together (please call for more info). Please be aware that the Daisy Chain will add length to the fixture. Roughly 2 inches for each Daisy Chain plugged into the fixture.
1 Year Warranty on Bulb and Ballast.

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Complete T5 Grow Light System with frame-NEW IN BOX
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