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Cool Sun Great White vented grow light hoods


6 or 8 hoods with glass in NEW condition,
nice grow hoods, air cooled with 6" vents, nice! $100 ea.
6" Vortex centrifugal fans avail NEW condition, $75.
Variable Fan Speed/Power controller, LIKE NEW $25
Cooling Thermostat Switch with Thermocouple (between type in/out) $10
30 Amp Power Relay 110/115V Box with attached plug power strip OUT. $20
Odd & Ends, have lots of stuff I never use.
GROW TIP: You don`t usually need 8" hood venting, you just need more AC, since unless the bulbs are allowed to reach high temperature they will not get to the maximum lumens output, and you`ll be cheating the light as if you had old bulbs, and your growth rate will suffer. Use 6" at most, and also put a speed controller in line to the fan pulling the air flow so you can dial it down to 1/2 speed, or dial it up if it`s too warm in the room.

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Cool Sun Great White vented grow light hoods
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