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Entire grow room operation for sale


I have listed here my entire growing operation equipment for sale. 90% of this equipment I purchased brand new my reason for shutting down my grow operation is because my wife and I had twins 2 years ago. Raising twin daughters consumes most of my time I am unavailable to carry on as I did before. In the photos you will see 3 4 by 8 foot Botanicare propagating trays / flood trays and to Botanicare 4 by 4 propagating trays. You`ll see standing inside the 4 by 4 trays in front of the 4 by 8 ray is a two foot by 4 foot 8 bulb t5 Hydrofarm fixture. There are 7 1000 watt hood and ballast set ups in the photo four of them are extra Sun hoods with 6 inch vent and ballast the ballast are all magnetic and work and look like they are brand new two of the four are switchable from HPS to metal halide. One of the other six inch finished goods and ballast is an HPS setup made by Sun systems aka Hydrofarm the other two are budget grow light systems all 1000 watt setups switchable ballast does not include bulbs. There are two 55 gallon reservoirs one of which is not in the photo. I have to Intermatic mechanical timers built for 120 and 240 volt systems as the ballast are all dual voltage. I have rope ratchets and chain with couplers for each hood I have an 8 inch can fan Hydrofarm and a six inch can fin hydroformed and a 12 inch can fin vortex with 60 inch by 12 inch carbon steel filter. There are two cap custom automated products remote temp controllers I have all of the ducting for the hoods and fans as well as reduce her sleeves for 6 to 8 inch applications. In the photo you will also notice there is a Hudson atomizer sprayer which is ideal for a bug and ratification and foliar feeding. There are almost too many extras to list in this ad as I will bore you with most of it. I take immaculate care of all of my equipment as I always have with any trade that I have ever been in all of this equipment deserves a good home I understand that my price is not inexpensive bear in mind I have over 10,000 dollars cash out of pocket for all brand new equipment. I have grown and produced lots of good

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Entire grow room operation for sale
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