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Full 1000w hydroponic deep water culture system


So I hate to sell this because I`ve only used it once but money is tight right now and I need the extra cash. I have a complete hydroponic system, used only for 3 months. All you would need is seeds to start growing whatever it is you want to grow. This would allow you to grow indoors year round for very little extra electricity cost. I have a list of everything and the full price they sell for now so you know I`m not screwing you over or anything.
-hydrofarm active aqua air pump, 6 outlet splitter at 45 l/min=$36
-inductor 6in inline duct fan, energy efficient, about 200cfm it`s quiet and long lasting, fits right over reflector.=$35
-5 gallon net pots (6 of them) about $6each=$36
-analog timer with 2 outlets=about $15
-30ft+ air tube for air pump=$30
-5 air stones (I broke the 6th one somehow)=$25
-5 gallons of clean clay balls for medium(more than enough)=$15
-6 buckets=$30
-enough general hydroponics base nutrients for a few weeks of growing and ph tester=about =$20 worth I`d say
-xtrasun6 6in cool able reflector=$100
-xtrasun magnetic 1000w 120/240v hps/mh convert able ballast=$200
-1000w hps bulb in excellent condition=$100
And I`m sure the prices have gone down since I bought it all so I`m definitely taking a loss but I need the money so my loss your gain, all the equipment is in excellent condition and well taken care of. Really don`t want to take less than $500 for it all but I`ll take the best offer. no trades either.
I`m willing to walk you through the setting up process and everything too
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Full 1000w hydroponic deep water culture system
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