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Gavita 1000 Hps Digital Ballast Bulb and Reflector


This is everything you need ballast reflector and bulb the condition of these items is excellent. In this particular model the ballast is remotely located and not fixed to the reflector.
(1) GAVITA Pro 1000 US electronic ballast
(1) HortiStar HR 96 1000 DE reflector
(1) Philips Master GreenPower 1000W 400V EL (electronic) Double Ended lamp
The GAVITA Pro 1000 is the first 240 Volt electronic ballast that powers the professional Philips GreenPower 1000W 400V EL (electronic) Double Ended lamp. This lamp has the highest PAR light output, improved spectrum and the best light maintenance (>95% PAR light over one year of use). Being the most efficient 1000W horticultural lamp available and the only lamp specifically developed for electronic ballasts this is the 1000W lamp of choice for Dutch professional greenhouse growers. The GAVITA Pro 1000 is available as a complete fixture with the highly efficient professional HortiStar HR 96 1000 DE reflector or as a remote ballast. Being completely closed and solid state (no fans) with extremely low heat dissipation the remote ballast can be mounted close to your lamps, enabling safe and easy installation. Having your ballast close to your lamp reduces the amount of EMI (RF interference). Both ballasts are adjustable to 600/660/
1150 watt, enabling them to drive a wide range of EL lamps and boost them 10 or 15%, creating the highest output in the market.
Features & Benefits
Full fixture only for 1000W 400V Double Ended EL lamps
No acoustic resonance
Up to 8% more grow light
Light maintenance after 5000 hrs > 95%
Available as full fixture or remote ballast
Adjustable to 600/660/
1150 watt
System design and concept by GAVITA
Sealed housing (Class I) with Gore-Tex ventilation plug
Microprocessor controlled
Professional UV resistant rubber wiring
Very low heat dissipation and optimal cooling
Driver efficiency at full power 95-96%
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Gavita 1000 Hps Digital Ballast Bulb and Reflector
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