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Gavita digistar 600w hps system


I have 4 Gavita digistar 600w hps ballasts with a flip box with 7 hoods and hortilux bulbs with less than three months of use. The ballasts are made by gavita the highest quality light manufacturer in the world. The ballasts run on either 110 or 220 and can be switch from 300w all the way up too 660w, they are one of the most effiecent ballasts on the market and produce a high frequency current which produces better light. The hoods are basic hoods with glass that can be air cooled or the glass removed and run them open. The hoods will also include hortilux super hps bulbs with seriously less than three months of use. The Powerbox flip box that is also for sale will allow you to run four ballast and 8 lights 12hours in one room 12 in another room.
Digistar 600w ballasts $150 each. They are over 200$ online with shipping included
Hoods with hortilux bulbs. 100$ each. The bulbs alone are over $100 and the hoods another $100
Powerbox flip box 400$ costs almost $600
I will take $1000 for all of it cords and all. This equipment is almost new. I`m getting rid of my equipment because I just don`t have the time for this hobby. So I`m throwing in the towel and my loss is your gain.
My prices are firm and I prefer to sell the whole system together.
I prefer to be texted or emailed. I can send pictures on request.

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Gavita digistar 600w hps system
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