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General hydroponics 60 site aeroflo machine with addition 60 site ext


The Aeroflo 60 Site comes complete with everything to get started. By generating a fine mist of nutrient solution, aeroponic culture optimize the oxygen/water/nutrient ratio for the roots of plants and provides ideal conditions for all stages of growth. Plants` roots grow in the moist air space between the net cups and hang in a shallow, constantly circulating bath of super-oxygenated nutrient solution. System comes complete with 36 net cups, coco inserts, pump, all plumbing and fittings, leg stand and nutrient solution. Also i have purchased the extension for Growers who wish to expand this system can enjoy a total of one hundred and twenty plant sites with the addition of our AeroFlo2 60 Extension Unit. Users can choose either to configure the grow chambers on the same side or to stagger them in order to cover a larger area or to grow larger plants. The AF260 and Extension Unit feature the generous 40 gallon Panda reservoir. Its been used 2 times and turned out with great results. I have to get rid of it asap. I am moving, Its still in the boxes almost bran new. Never had any problems with this machine and it you want fastest most efficent turn outs this is your best option Email me if interested. I am ready to move it out. I check my email often so it will be convenient for whomever i will also throw in the clay pellets cups gallons of nutrients and anything else i have for it You can look on amazon or other places but im just trying to get 1,500$ obo. So let my loss be your gain i bought it bran new and payed about 1100$ after taxes just for the 60 site alone. Then bought the extension as well bran new for full price so im losing on this and the opportunity being sold can make that back in one season. This method is very popular becAuse it is the fastest way to complete cycle and a large amount can fit in a small area. Sorry but at rhis point i will not sell then individually have to sell them togerhor. I will consider that if giben the right offer for one. I am also posting a Botanicare 165 site power cloner machine. Just look for my post. Many reasons im selling it, cant manage this with the amount of hours working at work and so on.

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General hydroponics 60 site aeroflo machine with addition 60 site ext
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